American Graduate Getting to work with a welder, a receptionist, and a construction worker.


There is growing awareness amongst local government, schools and workforce leaders that youth need more opportunities to develop work and professional skills before they leave high school.

Too few students and parents have access to information on what is available and organizations are not always working in tandem to scale out resources. There is a tremendous need to recruit more businesses and organizations to provide internships, apprenticeships and job opportunities for students.

The American Graduate initiative provides WFSU Public Media the opportunity to convene community partners, highlight effective programs, link resources, identify the gaps and create a more robust career and college pipeline.

WFSU through the American Graduate project will work with CareerSource Capital Region as well as Tallahassee and Leon County Office of Economic Vitality to identify and link students to growing career fields. By raising awareness and collaborating between agencies, we can help prepare students for tomorrow’s workforce.


There is a job center near you that can provide you with information, training, and resources available in your area. Use the search tool below to find your local job center.


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What other options are out there for recent high school graduates besides college?


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Leaving College to Learn Welding at Lively Tech

As a student at Tallahassee Community College, Bennett Bartlett received better grades than when he was in high school. But he didn't see a future that made him happy there. So he told his parents that he wanted to learn welding at Lively Technical Center in Tallahassee. It wasn't what they had expected for him, but they saw that it was a career path with good earning potential, and one that Benn

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